Hanging Picture Fireplace (VFP511)

Heat output: 3,6kw
Gas consumption per hour (on high): 0,26kg
Maximum heat capacity: 44m2
- Vent free (No Flue or Chimney Required)
- Completely clean burning
- 100% Heat Retained
- Wall mounted (hanging)
- 2 year guarantee

This Hanging Picture Fireplace is ideal for a small house or room. If you have space to hang a picture, then you have space to warm your home with a Chad-O-Glo Fireplace! Installation can be as simple as drilling a hole through the wall for the gas piping which leads to a gas bottle on an exterior wall.*
Heat Output: 3,6kW
Gas Consumption: 0.26kg/hr on high
Maximum room cpacity: 44m2 / 132m3
Minimum room size: 35m3

Plain Flat Stainless Steel Back

*Installations will vary according to the setting you have